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Technical Design - Algo Liquid Governance

The Folks Finance SDK includes the functionality to mint, unmint, claim rewards, early claim rewards and burn. In addition, there are methods to obtain the smart contract state.

The smart contracts are ABI compliant and composable. This specification can be found here.

Global and Local State

There are two smart contracts. The dispenser, which mints gALGO and the distributor, which manages the governance operations.

The dispenser’s global state can be found here. The distributor's global state can be found here. The distributor’s local state can be found here. Alongside you will see a description of how to interpret each variable.


You can use the prepareMintTransactions method to obtain the group transaction for minting gALGO. If within the commitment period, then it also commits the user into liquid governance.

Before a user can mint gALGO in the commitment period, they must first opt-in to the smart contract. Since the transactions are composable, the SDK includes a boolean to indicate whether to prepend the opt-in transaction inside the atomic transaction group.

Projects that are interested in incorporating mint functionality and participating in the revenue share, should include in the note field of the application call the following:

  • ff/gov/v1:j{"n":”<NAME>”}

The <NAME> should be a maximum of 8 characters in length. Please pre-confirm the name you will be using with the Folks Finance team in order to check eligibility requirements and avoid any duplications.

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