It is possible to rebalance an open debt position, adding or reducing collateral or increasing the borrow amount.

It is possible to rebalance an open loan position by adding or reducing collateral, or increasing the borrowed amount.

How to rebalance an open position

According to the user's strategy and the Liquidation Margin the user can:

  • Add collateral -> If the collateral value decreases due to market volatility, the user may need to add collateral to avoid the liquidation of the loan position.

  • Reduce collateral -> If the Liquidation Margin value allows, the user may decrease their collateral.

  • Increase borrow -> If the market price and the Liquidation Margin value allow, the user may increase their loan.

The required collateral thresholds are different for each asset/collateral pair.

  1. Reach the Borrow page in the navigation bar of the web app

  2. From My Borrow section select the pair asset|collateral you would like to rebalance.

  3. By clicking on the desired asset, a dedicated widget appears. Switch to Rebalance.

  4. Choose between Add Collateral, Reduce Collateral and Increase Borrow.

If you are using Pera Wallet, please, remember to confirm the operations from your smartphone.

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