Withdraw operations allow the users to redeem their deposited asset.

In order to perform the withdrawal operation, the deposit must be unencumbered. (e.g. the user funds could be locked if they are deposited as collateral). The user must keep the whole amount of fToken corresponding to the initial amount received at the time of the deposit.

Sending fToken to other addresses will also transfer the right to withdraw your deposit to those other addresses. Only transfer your fToken if you know the recipient account and accept the risks involved.

Deposit page

  1. Reach the Deposit section in the navigation bar of the web app.

  2. In My Deposit section, on the right side of the page, select the asset you want to withdraw.

  3. By clicking on the desired asset, a dedicated widget appears. Type in or use the slide bar to specify the amount of the tokens you want to withdraw.

  4. Confirm the operation.

  5. You will receive a message indicating success if the process has been completed properly.

If you are using Pera Wallet, please, remember to confirm the operations from your smartphone.

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