Dynamics behind the deposit operation.

Considering a user depositing a certain amount AtiA_{t_i} of Token at a certain time tit_i, they receive an amount MtiM_{t_i}of fToken calculated as follows:

Mti=AtiIdtiM_{t_i} = \frac{A_{t_i}}{I_{d_{t_i}}}

Where IdiI_{d_i} is the monotonic value index (defined here) that keeps track of the deposit interest rate variation over time. Users are allowed to deposit repeatedly, and the protocols keep records of the interests each time as follows:

Mt1=At1/It1M_{t_1} = A_{t_1}/I_{t_1}

Mt2=Mt1+At2/It2M_{t_2} = M_{t_1} + A_{t_2}/I_{t_2}

Mt3=Mt2+At3/It3M_{t_3} = M_{t_2} + A_{t_3}/I_{t_3}

Lock & Earn

In the Lock & Earn operation, the amount MtiM_{t_i}, is not given at the same time as the deposit of amount AtiA_{t_i}, but will be released at the end of the locking period. To have a deeper understanding on the Lock & Earn operation open this link.

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